Society Registration In Delhi – Rules & Documents Required

About Society and its registration under Society Registration Act, 1860 :

A Society is an institution of several individuals with common interests collectively acting together to serve some function. Usually, Societies are registered for the advancement of charitable activities such as culture, art, sports, education, music, religion, etc. In India, the Registration of a Society under the Society Registration Act sets certain procedures for the sake of its registration & operation. This Act was introduced with the aim of augmenting the legal stipulations of Society Registration for the advancement of science, literature, fine arts, or distribution of awareness for generous purposes. The Act has been accepted by several State Governments of India or with further amendments.

To register a Society in a particular state, the founding members must comply with specific conditions mentioned under the Act. Once the Society is registered, the Society must follow the post-registration norms as directed by the competent authority to stay compliant.

Purpose of Society Registration:

According to Section 20 of the Act, 1860, a Society Registration can be done for the following purposes:

  1. Grant of charitable assistance;
  2. Collections of natural history;
  3. Creation of military orphan funds;
  4. Collections of mechanical & philosophical inventions, instruments, or designs;
  5. Grant of charitable aid;
  6. Diffusion or promotion or instruction of useful knowledge;
  7. Foundation or maintenance of reading libraries or reading rooms;
  8. Foundation or maintenance of public museums or galleries;
  9. Promotion of fine arts;
  10. Diffusion of political education.

Types of society that can be registered:

  • Social welfare
  • Natural environment and pollution control
  • Literacy societies
  • Science/ Health/ Research
  • Resident welfare societies
  • Games/ sports
  • Fine arts
  • Cultural
  • Educational societies
  • Medical and hospitals
  • Religious
  • Charitable
  • Miscellaneous

Benefits of Society Registration:

  1. Society gains a status of a legal entity.
  2. Sell, buy, rent as well as the right to lease are the facilities that can be availed by a Society Registration.
  3. Membership of a Society may change, but it will continue to be a separate entity.
  4. A Society can avail of Income Tax exemption if a Society is incorporated.
  5. In case of unlawful activities, the members are held to pay the debts as well as obligations.
  6. In the case of profit, if members incur debts and obligations for the purpose of obtaining money, the members are liable to pay; else, members can’t be held liable.
  7. Incorporated Society is required to meet minimum requirements which are set by the Incorporated Society Act 1908, which gives an assurance to members of the Society.
  8. Bank accounts can be opened by Society.
  9. Society gains recognition in front of Forums as well as Authorities.