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    Custom Registration

    A. Custom Registration Procedure

    1. The customs registration procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions contained in this Customs Code, the other legal statutes of the Russian Federation adopted pursuant to this Customs Code, as well as the normative legal acts issued by the Federal Customs Authority.

    2. The requirements laid by customs authorities in the process of customs registration ought to be properly substantiated and confined to the requirements set forth in by this Customs Code for ensuring the observance of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation.

    3. The procedures and methods of customs registration shall be applied depending on the category of goods conveyed across the customs border, the kinds of transportation used for its conveyance (air, sea, river, rail, and other transport), and the category of persons responsible for the conveyance of goods and means of transport

    4. The customs procedures shall be applied regardless of the goods country of origin, the country of departure or the country of destination.

    B. Documents and Information Required for the Fulfilment of Customs Registration

    1. At the instance of undergoing customs registration, the persons defined by this Customs Code shall be obliged to present to the customs authorities all the documents and data, which are required for fulfilling customs registration.

    2. In the process of fulfilling customs registration formalities, the customs authorities may only request the documents and the information which are required for the observance of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation and presentation of which is stipulated by the provisions of this Customs Code

    3. The lists of documents and information, which are required for fulfilling specific customs registration formalities, shall be liable for official publication. The normative legal acts and statutes issued by the Federal Customs Authority establishing the lists of documents required for the fulfilment of customs registration shall go into effect not earlier than within ninety days from the day of their official publication with the exception of the cases stipulated by the Sub-Items 2) and 3) of Item 3 of Article 5 of this Customs Code

    4. The forms of customs documents shall be determined by the Federal Customs Authority unless this Customs Code or other statutes of the Russian Federation contain other provisions thereto.

    5. With a view to simplify and expedite the performance of customs registration the Federal Customs Authority shall conclude agreements with the customs authorities of other countries or mutual acceptance of documents used for custom clearance purpose

    6. Customs authorities shall not refuse to accept the documents required for the fulfilment of customs registration due to their minor inaccuracies which do not affect the value of payable customs duties, do not influence decision-making of the customs authorities with regard to the application of the prohibitions and restrictions stipulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on the State Regulation of Foreign Trade Activities. In case the customs authorities refuse to accept such documents, they shall be obliged to notify the person who had presented them about the reasons for their refusal. Upon the person’s request, the customs authorities concerned shall provide said notification in writing.

    7. The documents required for the fulfillment of customs registration may be either presented in the original or as their copies authenticated by the person submitting them, by the declarant, by the authorities who have issued those documents, or as their notarized copies. In the event of presentation of copies of said documents authenticated by the person submitting them or by the declarant the customs authorities, if necessary, may verify the compliance of the copies of said documents with their originals after which the originals are returned to the person who presented them.

    8. The documents required for fulfilling customs registration formalities may be presented in their electronic versions in accordance with the provisions of this Customs Code.

    9. Time and Place of Customs Registration with Regard to Goods and Means of transport The customs registration of goods shall be performed at the places of location of the customs authorities during their working hours. Upon a motivated request by a declarant or another interested person, customs registration formalities may be completed outside the places of location of the customs authorities and beyond their working hours as per articles 406 and 407 of this Customs Code.

    10. Upon a request by the customs authorities, the interested persons or their representatives may be obliged to attend the fulfillment of customs registration formalities.

    11. The customs registration formalities, including the filling in of forms required for customs control purposes, shall be carried out in the Russian language, except the cases stipulated by this Customs Code. The Federal Customs Authority has the powers to specify other cases when customs authorities may accept and apply for customs purposes the documents and information in a foreign language in which said customs officers are adequately proficient



    Comptroller of customs

    Date: ______/_______/_______

    I wish to apply for a Customs Registration Number for use in the completion of the Caricom Single Administrative Document (CARISAD) at import or export. My details are as follows:

    Name: : _____________________________________

    Address: _____________________________________

    Telephone No : __________/____________ Fax No: __________/_________

    Inland Rev. Account No. (Corporation Tax No.) (Business __________________

    NIS# (Individual) __________________

    Activity: Please Tick: Importer _____ Exporter _____ Both _____

    Occasional Importer/Exporter: Yes _____ No ___




    1. To register A CORPORATION or BUSINESS:- Corporation Tax Number from Inland Revenue is required.

    Note, if not subject to corporation tax, supply reasons for exemption

    2. To register as An Individual:- supply your National Insurance Number (NIS) and not your national registration number


    …………………..FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY…………………………

    To: ………………………………. Date: ……./……/……The Customs Department has assigned you the following registration number:

    …………………………….You will need this number for the completion of The Caricom Single Administrative Document (CARISAD). Declarations will not be accepted without due completion of the appropriate box.

    Your co-operation will be appreciated.


    Comptroller of Customs


    136C 1st Floor, Pocket-4
    Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091

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